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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to assist with Employer Accreditation?

We assist Employers with becoming Accredited and help you navigate these changes and requirements

Why use an Adviser?

There is no rule or law stating you must use an adviser, you are welcome to submit your own applications. Under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007, anyone giving immigration advice must have a licence, unless they are exempt.  This is to protect migrants from exploitation and preserve and enhance the reputation of New Zealand.
Immigration New Zealand will not process applications received from unlicensed immigration advisers.
Licensed Immigration Advisers are recognised New Zealand specialists who have met competency standards, follow a professional code of conduct & keep up to date with all relevant changes to NZ immigration law.
This code ensures confidentiality that you, will be dealt with honestly, professionally, diligently and respectfully.

Why is Key Advice Ltd the right consultancy for me?

Combining 25 years of experience as manager and employer, with 10 years as a Licensed Adviser, Katy brings a unique, pragmatic and sensitive approach to each case and circumstance.

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